John Snow vs Dead King sketch

Quick sketch in the middle of working day...:) I just had to...:)

"John Snow vs Dead King"


Acrylic sketch "Barevnacka"

Aaaand one moooore... acrylic sketch in my sketchbook, I just wanted to use remaining paint on my palet before it will dry...

Barevnacka = colorful girl  :)



Next Acrylic sketches

There was still some acrylic color remaining on the pallet after previous sketching session, so I was just continuing in sketching.
I was using some black and white reference pictures so colors are my invention... :)
Maybe you can notice cold lights and warm shadows scheme...



Acrylic sketch "Blue queen"

Acrylic sketch of this weekend. Experimenting with colors and skin tones in my sketchbook and the Blue queen was born... :)
The face is so small that I had issues even with my smallest brush. So it´s not very representative...
24x17 cm

"Blue queen"


Acrylic painting "Sutry"

This unfinished painting was hanging on my easel a looong time and I had no motivation to finish it.,,,and I was too lazy. I suppose that I´ve lost the initial idea and also passion for the scene disappeared.

Anyway, I really wanted to start something new and I hate to left unfinished work just like that. So this is it. 

Acrylics on 24 x 32 cm cardboard 400g/m2, signed and still need to be varnished...
"Sutry" means something like big rocks...:)




Sketching with ink and watercolor

Here comes some update after a long silence... I was practicing perspective by sketching buildings. I was using ink and water mixable pen (watercolor pen? ). It´s quite quick method.

Enjoy :)


Acrylic b/w portrait sketching

I´m having fun with quick and small black and white acrylic sketches in my sketchbook. Not perfect, trying to play with brushes, focus on simplifying the form and values.




Acrylic sketch self-portrait

Trying to practice with acrylics and focusing on values. I was using only Titanium white and Mars Black paint (and their mixes gray).
It was quite quick sketch on paper (in my sketchbook) with quick pencil line art,  it´s rough and messy, but I like it...



Acrylic training sketches

I bought a new book about painting with acrylics with explanations of some interesting techniques. Nothing completely new, but nicely explained. So I´ve spent this afternoon with experimenting. :)

Here are my results, nothing fancy, just training sketches in my sketchbook.

 How to paint glass...

Using warm underpaint and contrast colors for portrait painting...

How to create rusty texture