Acrylic abstract painting "Equalizer"

Here comes the biggest traditional painting I made so far...:)
It was reworked several times, I´m still not fully satisfied with some aspects of the result but I´m not able to do it better because of missing skill and experience. Need to learn some ways of color application.
No video and no work in progress this time.

Acrylic colors on 50 x 70 cm stretched canvas




Digital sketch "Detective"

Quite quick digital sketch form painting hangout... I was interested by the reference picture, so nice colorful light sources... :) It´s most probably screenshot from some movie, but I don´t know from which one...

CS4, Huion tablet



Acrylic abstract "Turtle"

I was experimenting with acrylic paint today, small format of my paper sketchbook and limited palette of baseline colors. It was fun but no astonishing results ...:)
Here is one pice I quite like... at least ... :)
But now I´m more familiar with the technique, so maybe we´ll see some bigger and nicer painting soon ... 



Digital sketch "Kristy"

Digital sketch after some time. I don´t paint children usually so this is definitely an exception. I´m not very happy with the face and especially likeness,  but I like colors and the final effect... :)

Done with CS4 and Huion tablet


WIP - initial phase


Digital sketch "Sedim"

Digital sketch created during hangout. I know there are some anatomy issues, but I was more focusing on different technique...and chatting with other guys... :)

You can check also the video...



Digital portrait sketch "Rick" + video

Here comes result from my streamed sketch session on twitch channel.
Digital portrait of Rick from Walking Dead. Included also my spoken commentary in Czech language. I can try to do it in English if someone will be interested :)

I´ll appreciate any comments/feedback

Used my tablet Huion + CS4



Digital sketch "Green fields city"

Small sketch done during the last digital painting hangout (CZ). We were studding nice landscape picture with focus on the light. I was not able to just stick with the reference, so I made few changes and created completely different fantasy landscape...:)

Done with CS4 + Huion tablet

 "Green fields city"


Acrylic painting "Stromokaktus"

My fresh new acrylic painting based on my photo from holiday on Crete. There were these interesting and unknown (for me) plants, not sure if it is tree or flower or what, but it was pretty high, around 4-5 meters or so. green trunk with tiny branches ended with clots of something... :)

The picture was completely painted with pallet knife and I was trying to create some color structure/relief - kind of impasto,  but not very successfully.

Painted on gessoed 40 x 30 cm hardboard, signed and will be varnished...


detail 1

detail 2


Digital sketching "firebombs"

I was trying to distinguish the effort and work on multiple pictures in parallel. The advantage is that my ayes have not chance become accustomed to one picture.and stays fresh for a longer time (just my theory). Also trying to play with colors a bit...
There is the same model in both pictures, original photo reference from thefirebomb .

Done with CS4 and Huion tablet


Acrylic sketch "First frost"

Quick and small acrylic sketch from imagination - just for fun. Nothing special but I like it, not sure why exactly... :)
Just wanted to share...

 "First frost"