Acrylic training portraits

Here comes also some traditional work - after the previous post with digital sketches. So this time portraits done with acrylics.
Painted with acrylics on A4 artist hardboard

The first picture was really not easy one and I suppose it´s also because of not very good reference picture. I was messing with paint and it was too rushed...

I like the second picture more, I was trying to calm down and prepare some color strings with burnt umber as a baseline color.


Few digital training sketches

Here is set of few digital training sketches. I was trying to regain my lost abilities :) so here are my attempts done during one evening. I was not focusing on accuracy, just playing with colors and form..

They are far to be perfect but I would like to show some update and let the world know that I´m alive... :)


Digital portrait "Vvola" + video with process

I´m trying to draw and paint more just to regain previous (poor) skills.... so here comes next digital portrait sketch and record of the process.
It took two sessions (evenings) and I´m not very happy with the final result but don´t want to loose more time with this picture...hopefully more will come soon...

Created with CS4 and Huion tablet



Digital portrait "Anna"

Here comes some new work after a long time, quick black and white portrait study. Nothing special just trying to check if I still can do it... :)
It was created during my stream on my twitch channel ... https://www.twitch.tv/ultrajaryn
Reference picture here

Used CS4 and Huion tablet ,  + Windows Movie maker for the video :)



Digital portrait "Bierdos"

Next digital portrait with some guy based on photo from blog with portrait references...
Nothing special, I´ve enjoyed the process and the result is ok, I guess...

Used Huion + CS4




Digital portrait "Boinda"

Here comes some digital painting after a looong time. Almost forgot how great fun it is ... need to practice more and get back the lost grip... 
I´ve started this during my twitch stream, but finished offline, so I don´t have the full video progress... what a shame... :)

CS4 + tablet Huion



Acrylic painting "Home"

I´ve finished painting of my parents house finally... was working on this too long (meaning - walking around this on my easel). Not very good idea to go start with very poor reference from google street map, moreover printed just in black and white...  next time I´ll be smarter, proper colorful photo reference can make things much easier...

btw, I hate that green...

Acrylic paint on 30x40cm stretched canvas, signed varnished, ready to hang on my parents wall...:)



Flight with hot air balloon

Sorry for no updates for a looong time... it´s a very busy spring... 
This post is not related to painting, you can see my video from a balloon flight... no more comments needed, I guess ... :)


Acrylic painting (study) "Louka u lesa"

Here comes next traditional painting (study) inspired by another artist - Laurel Daniel . She´s very inspiring plain air painter with wonderful works full of colors and light...
During this study I was focusing mainly on big color masses and the mentioned light. Also details are partially suppressed.
I was using painting knife from the beginning so there are also visible some marks...

Acrylic colors on 30x40cm stretched canvas, will be varnished...

"Louka u lesa" 



Digital portrait "Heaven"

There was a digital painting hangout this week and I´ve started digital portrait inspired by a clip "Wrong side of Heaven". It was not finished (see the WIP picture) but I stayed tuned and proceed with this painting till the state I would call "finished" :)
It´s still more like a sketch...

CS4, tablet Huion, reference picture