Acrylic training sketches

I bought a new book about painting with acrylics with explanations of some interesting techniques. Nothing completely new, but nicely explained. So I´ve spent this afternoon with experimenting. :)

Here are my results, nothing fancy, just training sketches in my sketchbook.

 How to paint glass...

Using warm underpaint and contrast colors for portrait painting...

How to create rusty texture


Acrylic mini portrait "Tuareg"

...aaand next one.... small 14x14cm acrylic painting on hardboard from this weekend. I don´t feel cery comfortable with this format, maybe I don´t have proper brushes...

This is mini portrait according photo reference from some magazine about traveling.



Acrylic portrait of Rum

I had some free time today so I´ve decided to experiment i little... :)
Really small format 14x14 cm hardboard, acrylic paints and bottle of rum...Plantation...

Not a masterpiece but it was fun...

"Portrait of Rum"


Walking dead fan art

Here comes some fan art picture/comics related to The Walking Dead series. I´ve reused my previous picture of Rick, created new one with Negan, blended and...done ..:)


Speedpaint video "Secret"

I didn§t realized previously that I was recording the progress of my digital sketching...:)
I called it "Secret"...



Value study

I saw nice photo in a catholic calendar and I made this acrylic value study. Used just burned umber and 24x32cm cardboard...
Nothing fancy, I just wanted to share it...



Some recent Digital sketches

Just a mix of digital sketches done for fun and to practice the technique...


Digital painting "China"

I was experimenting a bit with different technique than usually. I saw this somewhere on youtube and it was demonstrated by some guy from China. These smooth colorful portraits are quite typical for these manga Chinese guys... :)
It was just one evening session so it is not very detailed and definitely some space for improvements.
I just wanted to check if I understand and I´m able to replicate...:)

Done with my Huion tablet and CS4  



Video for "Blueface" painting

Here comes the promised video with my painting process when I was working on the "Blueface" painting.
It is speed up  8x.

Enjoy and let me know your thoughts...