Digital sketch "Purple"

Picture created during Digital painting hangout (CZ) session yesterday evening. I was playing with more traditional brush and was trying to use pleasing colors... :)



Digital portrait "Stella"

Just another digital painting practice turned out into nice portrait. I was just loosely experimenting with colors. There was some photo reference but I using it only at beginning, likeness was not what I was looking for...
 It took me two evenings sessions and you can see the final picture. I was streaming it so I have a record of the work and you can enjoy a next speed paint video in the future...

Created with CS4 and Huion tablet



Digital sketch "Lucern" + video

Here comes result of 1 hour sketching session - mostly photo study. I was also streaming it so also video record was available. You can see the speed up video based on that + commentary (Czech language)...



Digital sketch "Armored" + hangout video

This is a result from next Digital painting hangout (CZ) session. It started as a usual photo reference study, but it turned into own loose painting where the reference was used only as an initial baseline.
It's still sketchy but I like to final look. It was definitely fun...

If you like the hangout idea, feel free to join the Facebook group... I'm pretty sure we can handle also other languages than Czech... :)



Digital photo study "Sekerak" + hangout (CZ)

Digital study from a reference photo made during a Digital paining hangout (Czech language).
I was quite surprised by the result, I suppose it was a great reference. There could be added a lot of details and maybe also few corrections, but I will not touch the picture again (for now)



John Snow vs Dead King sketch

Quick sketch in the middle of working day...:) I just had to...:)

"John Snow vs Dead King"


Acrylic sketch "Barevnacka"

Aaaand one moooore... acrylic sketch in my sketchbook, I just wanted to use remaining paint on my palet before it will dry...

Barevnacka = colorful girl  :)



Next Acrylic sketches

There was still some acrylic color remaining on the pallet after previous sketching session, so I was just continuing in sketching.
I was using some black and white reference pictures so colors are my invention... :)
Maybe you can notice cold lights and warm shadows scheme...



Acrylic sketch "Blue queen"

Acrylic sketch of this weekend. Experimenting with colors and skin tones in my sketchbook and the Blue queen was born... :)
The face is so small that I had issues even with my smallest brush. So it´s not very representative...
24x17 cm

"Blue queen"