Sasha from Walking dead + speedpaint video

Here comes my fanart digital painting of Sasha from Walking dead series created during my previous stream.
You can check also speed up video recording of the process below.



My first digital sketch of horse ever

There was a next Digital painting hangout session in Czech language yesterday evening and it was really fun. We had also several viewers which were communication via chat window. Really cool.
I was sketching a horse based on some reference photo. I would say that this was actually the first time I was painting a horse. I have quite a big respect for these animals. :)

Hangout in Czech language


Digital portrait "Sejbik" + speedpaint video

Digital portrait of youtuber guy called Sejbik. Included also speedpaint video with Czech commentary where I´m  explaining the whole story around this picture...



Digital sketch "Squatter"

Here comes a digital sketch of squatter squirrel from the hangout session yesterday. 
It was inspired by some photo reference. I was playing with colors and it was fun. 
Not very precise perspective ... as always...



"Ladygun" speedpaint video

Here comes a speedpaint video for the previous picture. There is also a commentary in Czech language, but you can switch it off if you like...


Digital sketch "Ladygun"

Digital sketch of lady with gun created before going to bed tonight... :)
Nothing fancy, photoreference used. I wanted to paint some nice girl with a gun, but it´s not easy to find some useful reference... the face is the only thing which suggest that you are looking at a girl...military costumes are not very sexy...I guess...:)

I was streaming the whole process on my channel - https://www.twitch.tv/ultrajaryn , you can follow and monitor it to see when I´ll be streaming again... :)
There will be also a speedpaint video later...



Digital painting "Ovula"

Result of my work during a digital painting hangout session with Czech guys...
Inspired by color technique of Marco Bucci.



Another bird digital sketch

aand next one... a bit more messy, mostly because I was discussing with my stream audience...
I´m trying to stream more often these days... you can check my Twitch channel...


"Yellow bird! digital sketch

This one was done during my stream on twitch. I was focusing on colors too much...
Used photo reference, CS4 and Huion tablet...

"Yellow bird"


"Arkay" speedpaint video

And here comes the speedpaint video of the process from previous picture.
8x speed up
No commentary