Digital portrait "Greenee" from hangout

Digital portrait created during digital painting hangout. Quite decent result after quite a long time... :)
Maybe I was not so tired and it was fun...

You can check also the recording...



Digital portrait sketch BaW

Grayscale digital portrait sketch created during the recent hangout...
Some photoreference from pinterest used...


Acrylic painting "Andelicek" + video

My try to reproduce my previous digital painting with traditional way - acrylic colors...
I§m not very satisfied with the result, I was really trying to replicate the digital painting, but the light was quite issue. I know where the problem is but I don´t want to paint it again from scratch...

32 x 24 cm hardboard + acrylics

Process recorded and commentary in Czech language added...



"Gabriel" digital portrait

Hello, no update for quite a long time... to busy... so here comes digital portrait of Gabriel from The Walking dead.
Took me around 1,5 hour and there will be also time lapse video soon.... so stay tuned :)

Huion tablet + CS4



Digital painting "Brno"

I have new digital brushes imitating oil brushes ..:) so I just wanted to experiment with them and check how they will suite me... I choose photo reference of city where I live - Brno.  In the picture is quite famous modern big clock in the middle of square - some people hate it...:)

Anyway, I was playing with the new brushes and it was really cool...
Maybe, there will be some speedpaint video in the future as I was streaming the session and the recording is available...so maybe...:)

And one last thought - the perspective is right, obviously, but for my defense - the perspective in the original reference picture was also somehow weird... :)


"Mango" digital portrait from hangout

Digital portrait created during hangout session...I was trying the clean and smooth style...I call it "Chinese" style... :)
Maybe I´ll cut my peaces from the hangout record and will try to create a speed process video...

I was loosely using a photo reference from HERE



"Little angel" from hangout

Here comes a result of the hangout painting session...kind of Christmas topic... :)
It was not so easy as I was expecting. Some reference from internet used for inspiration, I´m quite happy with the light...
You can check also recording of the whole session in Czech language...

Created with CS4 and Huion 610 tablet


Digital sketch "Space girl" from recent hangout

There was a next Digital painting hangout this week, I was painting kind of photo study of nice girl. The result was my regular sketch but I tuned it a bit during Saturday evening...

"Space girl"



Sasha from Walking dead + speedpaint video

Here comes my fanart digital painting of Sasha from Walking dead series created during my previous stream.
You can check also speed up video recording of the process below.



My first digital sketch of horse ever

There was a next Digital painting hangout session in Czech language yesterday evening and it was really fun. We had also several viewers which were communication via chat window. Really cool.
I was sketching a horse based on some reference photo. I would say that this was actually the first time I was painting a horse. I have quite a big respect for these animals. :)

Hangout in Czech language