"Arkay" speedpaint video

And here comes the speedpaint video of the process from previous picture.
8x speed up
No commentary


"Arkay" digital portrait

I was asked by my art colleague, friend and fun ...:) ... for a portrait, just to have some different topic than just nice girls :) so, why not...? Challenge accepted and here it comes.
I was streaming the process so there will be also a speedpaint video later.

Took me around 2 hours. Created in CS4 and Huion tablet.



"Bikini" speedpaint video

And here comes a speedpaint video with short English commentary,.. related to previous sketch...

Enjoy and let me know if you like the idea with hangouts...


"Bonsai" speedpaint video

And here is the speedpaint video as mentioned in previous post. There is a spoken commentary in Czech language, if you don't understand then you can just mute it...:)


"Bonsai" digital sketch

I really wanted to make some change and paint something different than usual. So I´ve fund some reference photo with bonsai and painted this picture based on that...
My intent was to create some sense of movement - blowing wind... but not sure if successfully.
Anyway it was fun, I was streaming the process and there will be also a speedpaint video from the recording later.

Created with Huion and CS4



"Bikiny" from the hangout

This one was created during digital painting hangout yesterday evening... There is almost whole process recorded in the video below.
If anyone would like to join, paint and chat together (Czech or English) then just let me know and I can manage it... :)



Picture from hangout "Bubak"

There was a next Digital painting hangout (CZ) session. I've started with nice girl photo study, but it was not very entertaining so I switched into some free doodling work... :) After a few minutes playing with brushes colors and composition ...this idea below appeared...
Nothing fancy, just a concept but it was fun...

The story behind is kind of daemon or ghost warrior is scared of small mouse, the scene is located in some cave or underground place... something like that ... :)

Created with CS4 and Huion tablet



Digital sketch "Purple"

Picture created during Digital painting hangout (CZ) session yesterday evening. I was playing with more traditional brush and was trying to use pleasing colors... :)



Digital portrait "Stella"

Just another digital painting practice turned out into nice portrait. I was just loosely experimenting with colors. There was some photo reference but I using it only at beginning, likeness was not what I was looking for...
 It took me two evenings sessions and you can see the final picture. I was streaming it so I have a record of the work and you can enjoy a next speed paint video in the future...

Created with CS4 and Huion tablet