Digital sketching "firebombs"

I was trying to distinguish the effort and work on multiple pictures in parallel. The advantage is that my ayes have not chance become accustomed to one picture.and stays fresh for a longer time (just my theory). Also trying to play with colors a bit...
There is the same model in both pictures, original photo reference from thefirebomb .

Done with CS4 and Huion tablet


Acrylic sketch "First frost"

Quick and small acrylic sketch from imagination - just for fun. Nothing special but I like it, not sure why exactly... :)
Just wanted to share...

 "First frost"


Acrylic painting "Zako" + Video

Finally, some "proper" traditional painting after a long time. This is the African grey parrot (Zako) painted as a "commission" for my wife...as a compensation that we can´t have it as an living bird.

You can see quick digital study made during a last digital painting hangout and also the video with the painting progress.

Here it comes...acrylics on canvas 40x30cm, (will be varnished)


Quick digital study

Video with the process:


Digital portrait "Daeneris"

Here comes result of what started just as a digital sketch based on screenshot from the movie. I§m pretty sure that there is no need to introduce the person/character from the Game of Thrones series.
My intention was not clean polished picture but more painterly sketch portrait... 
I was fighting with the background from the beginning and I hope the final result is ok...

CS4. Huion and screenshot reference...



Digital portrait sketch "Korale"

Digital portrait sketch from Digital painting hangout sessions this week. The G+ hangouts were canceled and completely moved to youtube... not so intuitive setup (from my point of view) but will see the future...
Anyway, I was experimenting with colors and textures (just a bit).

Done with CS4, Huion tablet and photo reference...



Digital sketch "Butt"

This is a digital sketch done during a last digital painting hangout...
I was trying to be more loose and abstract...anyway, some pose sketch after a long time...

CS4, Huion



Acrylic training portraits

Here comes also some traditional work - after the previous post with digital sketches. So this time portraits done with acrylics.
Painted with acrylics on A4 artist hardboard

The first picture was really not easy one and I suppose it´s also because of not very good reference picture. I was messing with paint and it was too rushed...

I like the second picture more, I was trying to calm down and prepare some color strings with burnt umber as a baseline color.


Few digital training sketches

Here is set of few digital training sketches. I was trying to regain my lost abilities :) so here are my attempts done during one evening. I was not focusing on accuracy, just playing with colors and form..

They are far to be perfect but I would like to show some update and let the world know that I´m alive... :)


Digital portrait "Vvola" + video with process

I´m trying to draw and paint more just to regain previous (poor) skills.... so here comes next digital portrait sketch and record of the process.
It took two sessions (evenings) and I´m not very happy with the final result but don´t want to loose more time with this picture...hopefully more will come soon...

Created with CS4 and Huion tablet



Digital portrait "Anna"

Here comes some new work after a long time, quick black and white portrait study. Nothing special just trying to check if I still can do it... :)
It was created during my stream on my twitch channel ... https://www.twitch.tv/ultrajaryn
Reference picture here

Used CS4 and Huion tablet ,  + Windows Movie maker for the video :)